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Infomercial Performance Before Excellent Marketing Results

BioSlim's original weight loss infomercial had a sales record of three million dollars over two years. While the infomercial was performing to a limited extent, the owner felt that it could do much better. When we reviewed the existing market and all the resources that BioSlim had to offer, we noticed one main point that other infomercial companies had overlooked. Even the owner of BioSlim who was very familiar with infomercials missed a major marketing point.

Bioslim Top Infomercial

Real Infomercial Performance - $80 Million In Its First Year

Modifying and adding the missing point plus some other not-so-minor-corrections made a difference of tens of millions of dollars in revenue from the revised infomercial. After we corrected and re-created the BioSlim infomercial, it went on to gross $80 million in its first year making it one of the top infomercial products for that year.

You'll notice that we are giving you statistics as opposed to "fluff" on these campaigns. When it comes infomercial products the only thing that counts is the return on investment. It is not about who our client is, but what we've done to make an campaign profitable. If you have questions as you go through this page, there is a phone number and email at the bottom, so feel free to call or write at any time for a consultation.

Infomercial Marketing Performance Before Excellent Marketing

ProLong Super Lubricants manufactured an excellent oil additive that enhanced engine performance and longevity. By all rights it should have been a great infomercial product. Yet the company’s marketing efforts, including a television infomercial, ended up a dismal nine year failure with zero market share and almost no retail sales. The day we met with them about an infomercial marketing campaign, they were $500,000 in the red!

So this was a prime example of having the correct infomercial product that could have been worth millions and millions of dollars, yet to date there was no profit.

Prolong Top Infomercial

Infomercial Marketing Returns - $35 Million Annually!

This is one of those great stories we love to tell. When we first started running the infomercial test campaign and the initial numbers came in, a phone call was placed to the CEO. You have to understand the basic scenario here. This person had spent nine years of his life with a great infomercial product, yet to date had not seen any profits. This phone call with the results could have been just one more time to explain the failure, just one more time as to why the television infomercial was not working. It could have been one more time with one more blow to a person who had not yet given up, even though no one would blame him for doing so at this point.

Instead of giving him the actual numbers, we told him what we paid for the infomercial time. Then we told him how many orders came in. We sat quietly while he did the math. And then… at the other end of the phone there was dead silence, and finally a very very long sigh of relief. It's a good thing no one was watching him because we are sure that tears welled up in his eyes.

Due to the successful infomercial, Prolong Super Lubricants went from zero market share to over 31% in the category! During the same period their sales rocketed to $35 million annually. Prolong products went from almost a zero retail presence to over 20,000 retail stores in less than two and one half years!

"I want to thank Excellent Marketing for the first-class performance they have done in the production of the Prolong infomercial. Also the purchase of television airtime for its televised campaign and the state-of-the-art methodology employed by your company in the area of measurement of sales and advertising performance." Thomas C. Billstein, Director

Carbite Before The Infomercial

The Carbite Golf Company created a golf putter they believed was superior to other putters on the market. In other words, they were like a multitude of companies that created golf clubs each year. But most of them failed when using conventional marketing approaches instead of infomercials. Why should the Carbite Polar Balanced Putter be any different? Would it work as in infomercial product?

Infomercial Marketing Success - $15 Million

Excellent Marketing created Carbite Golf's initial infomercial and in their first year they went from a three million dollar-a-year company, to 15 million dollars in sales! We produced and managed two more television campaigns for Carbite that were highly successful and ran for over three years generating millions of dollars! At the time the Polar Balanced Putters were seen on golf courses across America and on most tour events!

You just read only a few examples of successful campaigns. Excellent Marketing Results' experience spans an extensive variety of products and services.


Partial list of credits By Excellent Marketing Results, Inc.:

First Hallmark Mortgage (mortgage lending)
Keep Tooth Paste (Smoker's Tooth Polish)
Joint Flex (pain-relief cream)
ProStrong (nail care)
K.D. Portable Pool (recreation)
Concept 10 (skin care)
Bioslim II (weight loss)
Prolong Super Lubricants (oil additive)
Carbite Polar Balanced Putter (golf)
ProLong Paint Sealant (auto appearance)
Gloves In A Bottle (hand lotion)
Narconon (anti-drug campaign)
Salvador Dali (limited edition art prints)
The Helsinki Formula (hair loss)
American Coin Exchange (rare coins)
Wash Wizard Plus (dry wet vacuum)
Omnitrition (nutrition products)
Klinic Zurich (health and beauty)
Global Romance (personal)
Handy 25 (household appliance)
Thunderbolt Golf (golf club)
Mountain Pacific Insurance (insurance)
Limited Originals (clothing)
Here Comes Heaven (music)
Tient Royal (skin care)
Money Matters (financial)
Music Power Package (music)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (art)
Viper Bite (golf club)
Middle Club (golf club)
Black Ice (golf club)
Gyro 7 (golf club)


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